Hi there and thanks for looking at our Income Opportunity.

I am André Greyling, Founder & Owner of The Cape Salesman, and would like to thank you for coming here to see how to become a Marketer with us.  Note that I said with and not for because when you join our team, you will immediately be starting to build your own business within ours.

To begin with, let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I have been in the sales & marketing industry since 1990.  I worked for various companies over the years, selling a variety of products and services.  I climbed the corporate ladder to International Sales Manager before I resigned to start my own sales business in 2009.

Since 2009, I was contracted to various companies, products and services to advertise, sell and market for them.  The whole world of advertising changed with the boom of social media, which lead me to start The Cape Salesman in 2017.

In short, The Cape Salesman advertises on Facebook on behalf of companies or individuals who don’t have the knowledge or the time to do it themselves. And this is where you come in….

We want you to join us wherever you are, full-time or part-time, working in your own time and there is no cost to you to join.

So what exactly will you be doing?

1.             Canvass any company, product or service to subscribe to our advertising services.

2.            Share their advertisements on a daily basis to various Facebook Groups.

3.            Keep and maintain your relationship with them.

For the above, you will receive weekly commission on the subscription fees of your clients.

How does it actually work and how much can you earn?

Your income depends entirely on you. The more clients you have…the more income you have.

In short… you canvass and sign up a company, product or service to subscribe to our advertising services. Then you share their advertisement to various Facebook Groups in their area of operation. You will be required to share each of your client’s advertisements 5x per day, Mondays to Fridays.

That’s it – canvass, then share daily, and get paid a commission weekly for each client. SIMPLE!

Are you keen? Then let me show you the potential income:

  • Our advertising service fee is only R350 per month to the company, product or service.
  • Our philosophy is to make advertising affordable to all which explains the low fee.
  • For the first 9 customers, you earn 30% commission on the advertising service fee for every customer.
  • From customers 10 to 19, you earn 50% commission on the advertising service fee, calculated from customer 1. In other words, if you signed up 13 customers, you will get 50% commission on all 13 customers.
  • And finally, once you have more than 20 customers, you earn 70% commission on the advertising fee from the 1st customer.

If you are keen, then make contact with us today so that we can show you your income potential.

Get back to me via e-mail or Whatsapp with your decision so that we can get the process started and explain more, train, coach and support you.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our team soon!

André Greyling